Like Father Like Daughter.

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Feast your eyes ladies. This strapping young man is my father back in his prime. My love for film? It’s all HIS fault. My dad spent much of his 20’s + 30’s traveling the world through his work in the army and he took pictures everywhere he went. He had hundreds upon hundreds of slides from his travels and I dedicated hours and hours going through them. I’d even sneak out of my room in the middle of the night to view them. It was like a never ending picture book and I was hooked. By the time I came along he had seen all he wanted to see but these photos proved to me that my adventurous spirit had indeed come from somewhere. His love of travel and film was passed onto me while his tall genes moved on toward my sister leaving me basically a twelve year old for life. 

The love for photography had been instilled in me long ago but the fascination with human connections derived from this. He didn’t just photograph the ornate temples, he sought out the people. He didn’t want to travel just to see things—he wanted to learn about the culture, the people. His motives for travel were more humble and inquisitive.


He traveled in some of the most opulent cities in the world and yet almost all of his photographs depict real life for those who lived there. The beauty he saw in simplicity and humanity drew me in like a moth to the flame.

Kids in Austrailia


Resident in Japan paying homage


The streets in Singapore


Children in traditional costume in the Philippines

I may not have his looks but I definitely have his sense of adventure and curiosity.