Ameeta: Maternity

 Now that I'm done having babies (biologically at least--this baby factory closed down) I appreciate the beauty of pregnancy even more. Whenever I was pregnant I always saw the extra pounds and water weight and just groaned. What I didn't see was how happy I was to actually be having a child and when I wasn't so focused on the negative I was able to actually see how incredible it was. Looking back at photos of myself pregnant I don't see added weight, I see anticipation, excitement and life. I may not have felt it or seen it then but I relish those photos now.

Ameeta is one of those people who just rolls with the punches and is able to find humor in every situation. This pregnancy has been difficult on her but she chooses to smile through it all. I was so impressed by her through our session. She just exuded strength and power while still being soft and feminine. It was truly inspiring to me. Her girls will know the power of women. They'll know the power of love. All because of her.

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Though maternity photos usually have a focus on the life growing inside I also like to take a moment to celebrate the woman who made it all possible. We spent just a quick five minutes taking portraits highlighting JUST her and she later told me that they blew her away. It’s amazing how seeing yourself through someone else’s eyes can really open your mind to your own sense of self.

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This might be my favorite from the session. Her quiet strength and confidence completely floors me.

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Embrace the growth ladies. Whether it’s a new person or the person within—know that it’s beautiful.

Oregon Maternity Photographer // Albany, Oregon