Baby Iro

The smell of a newborn baby always leaves me reeling. So many emotions flood in and my mama bear persona immediately gets tapped. As a photographer myself its incredible to notice how quickly their features change, especially in the beginning. I love when families chose to not only have newborn portraits taken but chose to have them taken in their home. Memories LIVE there and so does their future. The room he'll sleep in, the brothers he'll grow up with--all of the things he'll learn as he is introduced to the world.

Iro Brant was born the day arrived to town and we were able to take his photos just mere days after his birth. It was so wonderful to feel the warmth and love in his new home and to see how adored he was already. 

All those tiny little features that don’t stay tiny for long.

Brant (10).jpg
Brant (21).jpg
Brant (22).jpg
Brant (1).jpg
Brant (5).jpg
Brant (8).jpg
Brant (13).jpg

Newborn Photography // St. George, Utah