Grand Ronde Pow Wow

I’ve always felt a special connection to Native American Tribes. I, myself, have Iroquois in my heritage and every time I’m able to be on tribal land of any kind I feel incredibly grateful. My husband works as a Pharmacist for the Grand Ronde Health and Wellness Center and it has given us so many incredible opportunities to see how valuable culture is. Recently they had their annual Pow Wow and can I just say, if you haven’t been—-YOU SHOULD. It was one of the most moving and powerful displays I’ve seen. There were hundreds upon hundreds of native americans in costume dancing in the shadow of the mountains in the golden sunset light. The beating of the drums wasn’t just heard, you could feel it. And if you know anything about it, I’m all about feeling.


Love and responsibility poured out from every member. They aren’t just a community, they’re a tribe.


The Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde // Oregon Film Photographer // Personal Work