Nathan & Lisa: The Colony in St. Johns // Portland, Oregon

nathan & lisa

Nathan and Lisa were one FANTASTIC duo. They had such a unique style of classic dapper and vintage glam and their best trait? Their ability to have FUN. From the very beginning they told me the most important thing to them was that their family and friends were having a good time. Without a doubt, that mission was accomplished.

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 I loved how they mixed modern style with retro pieces throughout the day. It was all very reminiscent of the series Mad Men. Absolutely incredible taste.

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 So much of their wedding was done by hands and all the personal touches were definitely felt.

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 This quiet, quirky girl? Yeah, she's got a little sass hidden underneath.

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I love when I have the chance to create two piece scenes like this one. When the inspiration sparks --we go with it!

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The Colony is such an amazing space. I've seen it transformed into such creative and stunning settings for weddings through the years. I adored the simple romance for Nathan and Lisa's intimate ceremony.

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This couple wasn't afraid to do things their own way. Nathan wasn't into the groomsmen vibe and that was totally ok! He doesn't look sad at all to be surrounded by all these gorgeous ladies! 

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 Nathan created the coasters for the event. They decorated the tables as well as served for gifts for the guests. Such a sweet remembrance!

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Venue: The Colony in St. Johns

Florals: Fiore Floral Design

Dress: BLHDN

Hair + Makeup: Danielle Millard

Film Processing and Developing: The Find Lab

Portland, Oregon Wedding Photographer // The Colony St. Johns // Nathan + Lisa