Featured on Joy Wed: Love Lost at Sea

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This was such a personal and emotional project and I couldn't believe how perfectly our vendors brought it to life.  It was picked up and featured on the amazing Joy-Wed Wedding Blog.

Love stories are always best when we can relate to them, when we can feel them and when we can sympathize with them. My father was drafted into the Navy as a young man and he'd often tell me stories of fellow officers who tragically never made it home. As I was pondering of love and loss we stumbled upon the Lighthouse in Newport and I was absolutely spell bound. It was almost as if I could see the story unraveling before me. A beautiful, young girl patiently waiting for her love to return home to her. Her desperation, her loyalty, her determination. Every moment waiting on the shores, beckoning him to return. Each step, each minute--hoping, even praying that she'd see a ship in the distance. That undeniable and tragic love that moves your soul into feeling her suffering and seeing the beauty in her commitment. 

We based this shoot around that story. A story that was so real and so raw that it was palpable as we experienced it. To make it as authentic as possible we found love letters from WWII, addressed to a young wife from her husband. My father's own naval photo from the academy was used as well. I was told several women would hold onto these in journals, their bibles and lockets---a way to have their loved ones near in times of uncertainty. The gown was sweeping and mournful; all at once displaying the beauty and heartache of love during war or separation. Even the florals were kept wild and restless to emulate the vexation in her heart. 

It was impossible not to have an emotional reaction to this project as this is a story that we all can relate to in one form or another. We have all experienced love and loss and for me personally, this was a therapeutic way of expressing and respecting that emotion for tragedies I've experienced in my own life.

It's a simple reminder that love is precious, it's a gift and that it's all around us.

"It is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all."

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Photography: Mylyn Wood Photography | Dress: Sweet Caroline Styles | Videography: Hunting Ground Films | Floral Design: Good Seed Floral | Details: Regina Studios | Model: Heidi Carpenter | Location: Newport, OR Yachats Lighthouse | Makeup: Kat Black Makeup