Tristan & Kim: Indian Beach, Oregon

Oregon Wedding Photographer Oregon Coast

I know I say this a lot but I LOVE this lady. Tristan, you're pretty cool too but Kim---you're my girl! It was honestly so serendipitous how we met.

I was living in Saipan (where she grew up) and she was living in Washington (where I grew up) and somehow our worlds managed to collide and I'm so, SO glad they did. She just gets me and even better, after only one phone call, totally trusted me. Tristan legitimately thought we had known each other beforehand because we were already talking like old pals. Luckily he is just as fun as she is and it was adorable to hear about his dreams about having a little girl someday. Their session was full of stories of the island, spam recipe swaps and all kinds of Saipanese slang (ay adai!--haha!) So happy for these two wonderful people.

Oregon Wedding Photographer // Oregon Coast // Indian Beach, Oregon