Being an entrepreneur in this day and age can be extremely overwhelming. Often times it’s more ideal to sit down one on one with someone who knows the business and can walk you through the details and help guide you to where you want to go. If this is your dream but you don’t know how to follow it, let’s talk. Let’s mull over every piece: your goals, your ideal client, your future—and get you on the right track.


We are all in different places when we get stuck.

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The first step of our mentorship? Pin pointing where you are, where you want to be and what’s keeping you from getting there. Knowing where the issue lies is HUGE. It may seem simple because hello, you’re doing all the things! but often times you’re putting your effort into a system that doesn’t work. That’s where having a business BFF can really help!

You can just think of me as your own personal Yoda for business plans because that’s what I’m going to do.

what you can expect from me:

-a full portfolio review and curation based on your current goals

- an intensive conversation about your goals, expectations and needs

-an in depth look at who your ideal client REALLY is

-guidance on how to get social media to work for you

- tips on how to write and speak to your clients so they’re engaged

and interested in what you have to say

- a curated branding board based around your newfound aesthetic

to elevate your brand

-realistic guidance on how to elevate your ideas and move forward with confidence

and this is just the beginning!


how long does a mentorship last?

a mentorship with me has a duration of 3 months. we’ll have one, 45 minute phone call per month plus the initial full hour for insight and planning. you’ll have access to me via email, text or marco polo between phone sessions so you’re never sitting on an idea without guidance.


absolutely! all mentoring sessions will be done via skype so near or far, i’ll be available to you!


my goal is never to make you into a copycat. my goal ALWAYS is to find ways to make YOUR voice shine through your work and to get others to see it and want it. short answer? this is all about YOU. not having a matching aesthetic doesn’t play a factor.

is this only beneficial for photographers?

while photography is definitely personal to me i’ve worked with all kinds of creatives. calligraphers, watercolor artists, models, florists—-if you’re a creative with an aesthetic driven business, this mentorship is for you! i have a background in fashion, psychology and marketing so i’ve got you covered friend!

how much does it cost?

a 3 month mentorship with me is $500 or 3 payments of $175. we start with an intensive phone call where we will go through allllll the questions. where your business is now, what your goals are, what you what to communicate through your work, creating cohesiveness, steps to figuring out your brand voice, etc. after that we do one 45 min skype call per month to keep you on track to plan the next moves. i’m also available via marco polo to help with questions and such in between our mentoring sessions. 👍


oregon business coach
oregon business coach

i dedicate so much of my time and focus on my clients so naturally that means only a limited amount of mentorships can be available at one time. if you’re ready to get out of your business rut grab your spot quick!



let’s do this!


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