5 romantic hair trends

you’re about to see a lot of in 2019


Hair trends may come and go but these romantic hairstyles are definitely going to be popping up A LOT in 2019.

Which one fits YOUR wedding style?


Soft Fishtail Ponytail

Want a lot of style but not the up-keep? This fishtail pony tail looks intricate but feels relaxed. It gives you all those wispy layers while still keeping it together—leaving you to enjoy your day without worrying about touch ups.


flowing waves

Pulling off the “I woke up like this,” look on your wedding day is made even easier with this effortlessly chic style. The best part? All that room for accessories—because you know you’ve been eyeing that tiara ever since Meghan Markle’s wedding.


Woven ribbon bun

Don’t want to splurge on a hairpiece? Weave a silk ribbon through your hair to give it a sweet, romantic touch without breaking the bank.


half up flair

Half up do’s are coming back in style after a small hiatus and this understated look frames your face in the most stunning way. Add some foraged florals and you’ll definitely feel like a queen for the day.


french twist side pony

Ribbons are all the rage this year. Taking a note from those fashionable french ladies we all know and love, it’s become a huge trend for 2019. Add one to a half twist and drape a flowy, silk ribbon down your locks for a subtle look that’s sure to be eye catching.


Whichever you chose, these 5 romantic hair trends will clearly be around for awhile.

Photography & Writing: Mylyn Wood Photography

Hair Artist: Kendall Peters

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