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Saturday, November 3rd

elevate your brand


More than a decade in the fashion and wedding industry definitely teaches you a whole lot. When I first started my business I was super nervous. Sure, I knew how to shoot film and digital and I was confident in directing clients but I had never shot a styled shoot let alone designed one on my own. Never being one to shy away from a challenge I decided to give it a go. It lit something inside of me. I had a passion for this. I was excited for this. Every step was nerve racking but thrilling.

I realize that the process is extremely intimidating, especially if you’re in a habit of comparing your work to others. I want to show you that there is a simple, easy and productive way to do them while simultaneously building great relationship with other vendors in the business. You want friends in your market, you want people in your corner who get it. Building those bridges while tackling the seemingly impossible? It’s totally possible.

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Think you don’t have the space? You do.

Think you can’t find wardrobe? You can.

Think you can’t shoot in the winter? You should.

My goal is for you to leave this workshop with the confidence and know how to create stunning styled shoots all on your own. I want you to find your voice, your style and your brand and have the tools to reach all of your aesthetic dreams. Because no matter how crazy the details seem? You can do this—-and I’m going to help you.


I’ve been to several workshops both big and small and I’ve learned that I prefer the intimate settings. I like getting to know people in tight circles and feel comfortable enough to ask questions instead of get lost in a crowd. I’ll be taking a maximum of 6 attendees for this workshop and will be inviting you to my personal, in home studio to show you how I go about every last detail. We’ll be together for a good six hours friends so get ready to settle in! We’re going to have a blast!

this workshop includes:

-curated styled shoot with an experienced model and designer gown

-a portfolio review to help you narrow down your style

-new headshots for your website

-a sit down meal

-posing and directing tips & tricks

-an intimate setting for classroom group learning

-the tools and how-to’s for doing your own styled shoot


space is limited

grab your seat!