Mylyn is a Fine Art Wedding and Lifestyle photographer based in Albany, Oregon. She has been featured in several wedding publications such as: Oregon Bride Magazine, Bajan Wed, ruffled, Oh Lovely Day and many others. She has covered beautiful and unique weddings all over the world and strives to document them personally and authentically. She currently serves the Pacific Northwest of the United States and is available for travel worldwide.


You can blame my Dad for my love of all things nostalgic and sentimental. He traveled the world in his twenties and I devoted hours to staring at the slides from his adventures. I remember, even then, being enthralled with the details. The colors of the film, the wind blowing his dusty hair, the textures of the fields and the stark, authentic emotions in every face.

Years later I've made it my mission to keep remembering. I want you to remember not just the look of elation on his face when you round the corner but the way your heart overflowed with passion and adoration. I want you to feel your photos, not just see them. Because life's always best when you feel alive.

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I believe in more than just photos. I believe your memories deserve to not just been seen but more importantly, felt. I want your memories to LIVE.
There's a reason I still read actual books. I love the thrill of physically turning each page, seeing my progress through the story and smelling the paper and ink. It's real, it's tangible and it makes me FEEL something.

Our world these days is so fast paced. We scroll through photos and quickly double tap to like a photo that you just LOVE and yet only moments later it's already forgotten.

Your memories deserve more than that. They deserve to be remembered. To be felt. To be noticed. To live.

Making your memories tangible is the single greatest gift I could ever give. I specialize in creating that gift so that the photo itself keeps on giving. Film photography may be a dying art but I fully believe that it will never truly be dead. There's a magic to film. It's pastel colors, it's creamy texture---it looks and feels like a real memory. Those soft, faded, romantic memories we paint in our minds of the times that are special to us.

If you're looking for someone with a nice camera to point and shoot a few snapshots then we may not be the best fit. But if you're looking to cherish your memories, to share them with your children, and to their children and theirs---- if you want your memories to LIVE, more than just a few months on Facebook, then I can confidently and happily say you've found it.