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Oregon Wedding Photographer



i believe in more than just photos.

Hi! I’m Mylyn! I am a photographer and educator armed with the talent & experience to capture the sweetness & wonder of life in a meaningful & artful way.

oregon wedding photographer


I’ve always been a feeler. I don’t want to just see something, I want to feel it, breathe it, experience it. I want to focus on it with rose colored glasses and understand what makes it special. For the last ten years that’s exactly what I’ve done. I’ve mastered the art of seeing a moment with more than just eyes— giving you memories with authentic meaning, personal history and everlasting style.


I’m on your side.

Who knew getting married was so stressful? Yes, you want your wedding to be beautiful but ultimately you just want to marry the love of your life! I know the planning gets overwhelming in a hurry but friend— I’ve got you. With my experience and skill on the team you won’t ever have to worry that you hired an amateur. You’ve got the best in your corner taking special care to ensure that every event, big or small, is delicately captured— leaving you relaxed and present for every moment of magic on the best day of your life.




Life passes much too quickly and our memories don’t do these moments justice. You want to remember that sweet little curl in his hair, her baby blue eyes that look just like yours. All of these details have meaning and I want to make sure you remember every bit of it. And those vivacious kids you have? Don’t worry—after doing this for 8 years and having 4 of my own— I can keep up with them juuuuust fine.


All of my collections come with a wedding consultation where we sit down, chat, get to know each other. It’s kind of like dating isn’t it? You want to know who you’re trusting with this huge responsibility! Furthermore, I like to get to know my clients beyond their names and faces and find out what moments, traditions and objects are sentimental and important. This helps me ensure that your online gallery and print ready files are full of the things that are most dear to you personally.


Headshots can be cheesy and uncomfortable. Forget the stiff and tense, I strive for natural, relaxed and real. I work closely with my clients to design and curate a shoot where their talents, skills and authenticity shine. Showcasing what makes YOU stand out in this market in a clean, stylistic and true-to-your-story way is exactly what I will do. We’ll leave your clients no question on what you stand for, why you do it and how much you absolutely LOVE what you do.


portrait & branding sessions start at $350

Wedding Collections start at $4,000

oregon wedding photographer

Years in the fashion industry has made me a dreamer. Sometimes those dreams are so vivid they are begging to come to life. I’ve been so fortunate to work with incredible creative teams to help build my dreams into powerful, visual stories that have been published in dozens of arenas worldwide.


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Intimate Elopements start at $3,000
Full Coverage Wedding Packages start at $4,000
Portrait Sessions start at $350


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